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Great connection, fast, good support, reliable service, high quality equipment, easy to set up, and good price. Hard to beat. 

John B.

Winslow, AZ

Kind Words From Our Customers

Moved out of the city about two years ago into a more secluded area of my home state. The move was a great decision, but no local internet providers. Had to go the unlimited wireless route. Clear Sky Wireless has been excellent. Super easy to purchase, shipped right away, and was literally plug and play. Internet speeds are fast and the hotspot provided has a far range (works in entire house and outside). My girlfriend and I have all our devices connected and its been working out great. Have recommended to some friends out here. 

- Andrew / Mancos, CO

Hello, I was previously using another wireless internet company, but it kept getting shut down so I switched a few months back. Have not been shut down yet with this company and I use a lot of data. When the hotspot arrived, it was already activated so I just had to turn it on and connect to it. Had internet immediately, which was convenient. I called once to get help with changing the network password and got a live person right away, who actually spoke clear English!!

- Anonymous

I wish I was able to just get an actual wired internet connection, but that’s the sacrifice for living in a rural area. For a while I was using my phone as a hotspot, but the connection wasn’t great, and couldn’t really use it as a full home internet solution also considering the data cap. I decided to go with this wireless unlimited service. I’m 4 months in and feel like I’m not missing out on anything by not living in an area with wired internet. Have not had any issues since signing up. 

- Courtney / Hood River, OR

Feels like our life revolves around internet these days, which may not be the best thing, but it’s the reality. For some of us having a stable, fast, and reliable connection is something we don’t take for granted. I’ve been able to get all of those things with clear sky. Speed is fast, very easy to get started, no connectivity issues, and the hotspot works even when you are far away from it. The competitors prices are pretty much the same, but this one comes with a much better device that’s why I chose to go with them. Also when you call, you get connected with someone with no wait time. There’s also a really cool wooden logo on the hotspot, which doesn’t change anything with the internet, but I just thought it was a nice attention to detail on their part. So far everything has been great, happy I signed up. 

- Ashleigh T. / Skaneateles, NY

All I want is to have a wireless internet service that never disconnects and is always fast, is that so much to ask??? I have that now, so I am very happy. Keep up the good work !!!

Riley C. / Jim Thorpe, PA

There are a few companies currently offering this unlimited wireless internet service. I was reading some reviews and also saw some promotions on a couple video blogs. Someone at my job ended up telling me about Clear Sky Wireless and he said the reason their service is better is because they give the best actual hotspot device. Meaning it supports a fast connection and works well even when you are far away from it. Everything has met and even exceeded my expectations so far. You pretty much get everything that’s advertised on their website. I would highly recommend. 

Anonymous / Ketchum, ID

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